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2022.07.06Mizuhiki of Takayama of Gion Festival made by our company was published in “Fujingaho” magazine

Photo by Yukiyo Omichi

An article on our newly restored mizuhiki for Takayama, one of the floats of the Gion Festival, was featured in the August issue of Fujin Gaho magazine (p.92-99). The mizuhiki, one of the decorative accessories that beautifully adorn the floats, was restored and renewed under various weaving techniques, faithfully reproducing the original design and coloring as much as possible.

The names of Takayama’s mizuhiki are as follows.
Tenmizuhiki … Scarlet curtain under the roof
Hira-sha-ji yasakamon Kiritsuke

Shitmizuhiki … the curtain under which the Hayashikata sit.
The first mizuhiki, “Kanajikirinzu”
No. 2 mizuhiki , brocade with auspicious bird and flower patterns on navy blue ground
No.3 mizuhiki “Kinran” with paulownia arabesque design on white ground

Fujingaho, August 2022 issue