From art textiles to industrial materials, products of Tatsumura Textile are manufactured by applying many highly developed skills.

Inherited Skill

Tatsumura Textile widely spread "Art Textile" to the world. There are no other way to articulate the history and quality of Tatsumura Textile.
Many skills developed by successive Heizo are inherited to this date, and produced various products to the world.

Obi Sash

Obi has been the origin of the craftsmanship of Tatsumura since the establishment, under the slogan of "Restoration and originality; One and only sense of beauty."


In order to answer the voices of customers wanting distinctive character for daily used items, high quality items are produced. See LIFE STYLE COLLECTION fromhere.

Drop Curtain

Drop curtains that beautifully color the theaters and concert halls. Images drawn by master artisans are woven by one of the largest looms in the world.

Interior Fabric

Interior fabric which covers the atmosphere with dignity and tenderness. Adopted by interiors of many households and first-class hotels.

Art Panel

Art panel which is made of woven fabrics to create a one-of-a-kind, high-quality space.

Festival Brocade

"Kesouhin" is an ornamental fabric which decorate floats used in festivals. Tatsumura Textile make, restore, and repair these fabrics.

Industrial Fabric

Tatsumura Textile design, and produce interior materials ( seats, curtains, etc.) for railway vehicles as such as Shinkansen and airplanes.