Modernizing the world of textiles and discovering new possibilities are the reason of Tatsumura.

Spirit of revolutionizing the textile

Introducing the full story of Tatsumura Textile, which established "Art Textile",
from "Determination", "History", and "First Heizo."


"Originality," "Restoration," and "Sense of beauty" are the three elements of sprit that were past down by the First Heizo. Introducing the preference of Tatsumura Textile which established "Art brocade."


Tatsumura Textile established "Art Brocade" through vast experience in researching and restoring antique textiles. Inviting you to the voyage of the path of Tatsumura Textile, which dedicated to provide the world with magnificence of art brocade.


Introducing some of the many achievement of the First Heizo Tatsumura, who revolutionized the world of textile. Devoting to research and restoring traditional old textiles, that were handed down within Horyuji and Shosoin, Heizo Tatsumura brought textile into domain of art.