About Tatsumura Art Textile

Since its establishment in 1894, Tatsumura Art Textile has long supported Japanese culture by establishing a new field of unique "Art Textiles" through research and restoration of textiles and the production of original Obi Sash.

We are very honored to keep delivering Obi Sash to our customers, utilizing the history and technology we have cultivated so far, and to co-create further "Japanese Dynamism" by introducing Japanese culture into their daily lives.

Products Product Lineup

From art textiles to industrial materials, products of Tatsumura Textile are manufactured by applying many highly developed skills.

Tatsumura Textile widely spread "Art Textile" to the world. There are no other way to articulate the history and quality of Tatsumura Textile.

Many skills developed by successive Heizo are inherited to this date, and produced various products to the world.