Since the beginning of the history, insatiable inquire to artistry and beauty flows deep down in the superior spirit of Tatsumura Textile.

Absolute artistry and beauty

"Originality," "Restoration," and "Sense of beauty" are the three elements of sprit that were past down by the First Heizo.
Introducing the preference of Tatsumura Textile which established "Art brocade."

Originality Exclusive Originality

"Beauty of brocade." Distinctive feature of the aesthetic expression of Tatsumura brocade is made possible by being elaborate and adventurous at the same time. For example, the First Heizo made three-dimensional pattern of the obi by using the character of the string from his strong obsession for original coloring and solidity.

Tatsumura Textile is well known for restoring brocades preserved in Shosoin but, also widely known for creating art brocade with exclusive originality.

Fabric Restoration only made possible by amazing knowledge about brocade

Known as an expert to the restoration of antique textiles, the First Heizo Tatsumura devoted to research and restore numerous textiles.
His approach to the research is past down to the Fourth Tatsumura and is the root of the spirit. Knowledge and skill gained by exhaustive study of materials of antique textiles, developed the artistry of Tatsumura.

Restoration cannot be made possible without the total power of brocade.

sense Boundless sense of beauty

Time cannot deprive the innovative and original design of Tatsumura's art brocade.Tatsumura will constantly offer the one and only beauty that will be notified instantly as work by Tatsumura Textile.