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2023.03.14The quality passed down from generation to generation and “Japanese dynamism, Japanese liberation” for the new era

Since the Meiji Restoration, Japanese people’s clothing has rapidly changed from Japanese-style to Western-style, and today, kimono has become the hobby and taste of a very limited number of people. In order for Tatsumura Textile, which originated in the world of KIMONO (Japanese traditional clothing), to continue to shine in the world of the future…

- We asked President and CEO Iku Tatsumura about his vision for the new era.

“Our management policy, or company motto, is “Highest Quality ( 最高之品質 )” as advocated by Heizo Tatsumura, the founder of our company.”

- Quality here, according to President Iku, does not only mean whether or not the appearance and size of an object meet the standard of a scale, as is commonly used in the world. It also encompasses the inner satisfaction of human ideals and aspirations, such as “Class ( = beauty) and Quality ( = richness)”.

The first Heizo Tatsumura

“We believe that our mission is to help our customers feel the highest Class ( = beauty) and Quality ( = richness) and enrich their lives through our company’s art textiles.”

- So, how do we provide people with the best “Class ( = beauty) and Quality ( = richness)” in these ever-changing times?

There is a phrase that President Iku always upholds: “Japanese dynamism, Japanese liberation”.

“To change (dynamize) Japanese design and techniques, which have long been patterned and entrenched, into something suitable for modern society as needed. And to transmit (liberate) them not only to Japan but also to the world.”

- We will deeply consider our own ways and flexibly lean on the times. We will expand our horizons to the outside world. We have an unshakable spirit of “The Quality” and a sensitive philosophy that sincerely cares about our customers.
It has been more than 125 years since the company was founded. The wisdom that will become the source of the company’s success must have been amply accumulated. We look forward to watching Tatsumura Textile’s new frontier.

President and CEO Iku Tatsumura